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Lampedusa Turtle Rescue


The creation of the brand and visual identity for Lampedusa Turtle Rescue has been shaped by a modern and vibrant approach, conveying energy and vitality. The chosen colors, such as blue, green, and white, add a freshness that recalls the beauty of the sea and the lively nature of marine turtles. The visual design stands out for its modernity, employing bold graphic elements and colors to capture attention and convey a sense of commitment to the conservation of marine turtles. The use of vibrant colors, coupled with a fresh and contemporary approach, underscores the center's dynamic mission in rescuing and preserving marine life. This visual identity, anchored in vitality and dedication, becomes a powerful tool for communicating the message of Lampedusa Turtle Rescue, emphasizing its modern commitment to the protection of marine turtles and the marine environment at large.

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