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Ichep 2022


The project for ICHEP 2022 was conceived with the aim of merging science with culture, creating a visual synthesis that reflects both scientific seriousness and dynamic modernity. The design concept draws inspiration from the distinctive arches of Bologna's porticoes, the hosting city of the event, and the energetic movement of elementary particles. The rectangular composition of the project provides a solid foundation of scientific seriousness, while the use of long, linear, and circular strokes adds a distinctive and modern dynamism. The selected colors are bright and vibrant, with a strong contrast between them, aiming to represent the vitality of particles and the scientific world itself. The alternation between lively hues recalls the vibrant reality of particles and contributes to creating a significant visual impact. The use of red, evocative of Bologna's culture and symbolizing the city, integrates seamlessly into the overall design. The alternation between white and green, particularly evident in the lettering, guides the gaze through the composition, creating a dynamic effect reminiscent of the movement of the represented particles. The project as a whole aims to convey a strong and unique visual identity, capturing the essence of science and culture within the framework of ICHEP 2022.

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