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The brand identity for Equilibrium embodies a bold revitalization of its previous corporate image, skillfully merging modern elements with a nod to the academy's rich history. At the core of this transformation lies the horse pictogram, now elevated to a focal point with a reimagining that enhances its readability and visual impact. The rebranding took on the challenging task of capturing the dynamic and evolving essence of Equilibrium, specializing in courses dedicated to the animal world, particularly focusing on equestrian and canine realms, with a distinct expertise in animal osteopathy. The choice of more vibrant and contrasting colors has infused energy and vitality, representing Equilibrium's passion and dedication to promoting the health and well-being of animals. This new chapter in Equilibrium's brand identity not only aims to reflect the academy's innovation and modernity but also to solidify and strengthen its connection to its historical heritage. The result is a corporate image that speaks to the roots of its identity while propelling Equilibrium into a vibrant and inspired future.

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