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This poster was meticulously crafted for Aifos, an association dedicated to fostering a culture of prevention, health, and safety.
Embracing a nuanced play on words derived from the expression 'don't cry over spilled milk, ' the addition of the term 'prevent' implores individuals to proactively address challenges rather than passively accept them.
The poster's focal point is an artful illustration featuring a milk carton in the act of spillage, a strategically humorous and ironic visual narrative.
Executing a design strategy rooted in industry principles, the poster showcases a judicious use of vibrant and contrasting colors, geometrically simple yet compelling shapes, and a meticulously chosen font for optimal clarity and readability.
The design decisions were guided by a deliberate intention to captivate attention and convey a positive, responsible message on the subject of prevention.
Every element, from the choice of color palette to the typographic nuances, was carefully considered to align with the overarching goal of not only capturing attention but also resonating with the professionalism and expertise associated with Aifos.
This piece stands as a testament to a strategic and thoughtful approach to visual communication within the context of prevention and safety culture.

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