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Manuale di manipolazione osteopatica terapeutica per cani e cavalli


Diverging from convention, this manual places a premium not only on its informative content but also on its aesthetic appeal. Each chapter is visually distinctive, featuring a rainbow of colors visible even when the book is closed. The colored pages form a tranquil mountainous rainbow palette, creating a serene yet impactful visual experience. The layout adheres to the stringent and structured principles of Swiss design, embodying a rigidity that complements the precision of the subject matter. Squared grids and justified, bold text contribute to the visual clarity and readability, mirroring the disciplined and systematic approach of animal osteopathy. This book seamlessly integrates knowledge and aesthetics, inviting readers to embark on a journey where the beauty of design harmonizes with the depth of osteopathic insights. It is not just a manual; it is a visual and intellectual exploration into the realms of animal well-being.

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