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Centro Provinciale Recupero Fauna Selvatica di Agrigento


The creation of the brand and visual identity for the Provincial Center for Wildlife and Sea Turtle Rescue in Agrigento has been an exciting journey blending the wonders of wildlife with a dedicated commitment to the rescue and care of animals. The logo crafted for the center skillfully merges symbolic elements, invoking both local wildlife and the unique characteristics of marine turtles. The brand design captures the essence of the center's mission, incorporating elements that evoke the beauty and diversity of the local fauna. The color choices were guided by a desire to reflect the natural and marine environment, creating a fresh and harmonious visual identity. Typography and layout were carefully considered to communicate clarity and professionalism, drawing attention to the center's crucial mission of wildlife rescue and care. Distinctive elements such as fluid shapes and a color palette reflecting the vibrancy of wildlife contribute to creating a visually unique and easily recognizable identity. The entire brand and visual identity project was crafted with care and sensitivity, reflecting the commitment of the Provincial Center for Wildlife and Sea Turtle Rescue in Agrigento to promote the conservation of wildlife and marine life, giving the center a strong and authentic image.

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